Emg - Emg-t set
Emg - Emg-t set

Emg - Emg-t set


Codice Art.: 134999
Marca: Emg

The emg-t is our two pickup replacement system for telecaster* guitars. designed with alnico magnets, the emg-t puts the emg fullness and broad bandwidth into the telecaster that it never had. the rhythm pickup (emg-ft) is undoubtedly the best pickup we make. all the elements are in the right proportion; magnet choice, coil size, amount of turns, and good luck have given the emg-ft the sweetest sound of any emg. emmett chapman has adapted the ft to his latest "stick" design because of the beauty of it's tone. the emg-rt bridge pickup is much larger so its qualities are quite different than the ft. the emg-rt has a fatter sound yet still has that familiar bite and clarity for that classic tele* tone. each of the emg-t pickups are fully noiseless without the typical hum, buzz or microphonic squeal.