M-Audio - Ik multimedia t-racks standalone mastering software
M-Audio - Ik multimedia t-racks standalone mastering software

M-Audio - Ik multimedia t-racks standalone mastering software


Codice Art.: 145680
Marca: M-Audio

The rich, warm sound of ik multimedia t-racks standalone mastering software starts with algorithms based on true analog circuitry. the familiar interface makes it easy to control 5 powerful processors: eq, compressor, limiter, soft-clipping output stage, and a complete mastering suite. it enhances mix frequencies, stereo images, dynamic range, and gives your audio a seamless, topnotch sound. 4 sound processors with its great-sounding, analog-modeled equalizer, compressor, limiter, and the soft-clipping output stage, t-racks includes everything you need to create final masters on your pro tools projects. 24-bit capabilities t-racks 24 now supports 24-bit aiff, wav, and sdii files for importing and exporting. specially developed for mastering t-racks makes mastering easy. it can vastly enhance mix frequencies, broaden the stereo image, and boost or precisely level the dynamic range. it does all this while adding the beautiful warmth and space of the tube-devices it emulates. outstanding "analog-modeled" sound t-racks' astonishing sound is created with algorithms based on real analog circuitry. this is what makes t-racks sound so similar to real analog audio hardware, and different than other software. high order 32-bit internal resolution with 32-bit floating point resolution, t-racks uses the best possible method to physically model analog components, resulting in an amazingly real tube sound. however, it does it without the noise you'd get with traditional analog devices. high productivity, ease of use not only does it sound analog, it acts analog. t-racks is so easy to use because its interface resembles a typical rack of hardware with analog controls.