Vht - Two/ninety/two
Vht - Two/ninety/two

Vht - Two/ninety/two


Codice Art.: 193037
Marca: Vht

Two/ninety/two series ii guitar power amplifier
Scheda tecnica:
• new compact chassis and lighter weight the chassis size is now reduced from 15-1/2 inches deep to 13 inches deep and the weight drops from 37 pounds to 35 making for a more compact and easy to transport system. players will also appreciate the cost savings of being able to purchase rack cases of standard depth. • new front panel design the front panel layout has been re-arranged to allow improved internal arrangement of transformers and circuitry resulting in better weight distribution in rack systems and better signal to noise specifications. • low power mode by popular demand, the two/ninety/two can now be operated in full power mode at 98 watts per channel or low power mode at 60 watts per channel with the flick of a front panel switch. additional chassis ventilation slots and a high-speed fan mode has also been added via a front panel switch for additional cooling power when the amp is being run full out. • new power tubes the two/ninety/two is now powered by 2 matched pairs of premium grade, russian made sovtek kt88 power tubes. since these great sounding tubes have become available, we are pleased to report extended tube life, lower noise, punchier tone and smoother top end response. this reasonably priced and road-worthy tube is a welcome companion to the two/ninety/two power amp.