Maruni - EL-18-U
Maruni - EL-18-U

Maruni - EL-18-U

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Codice Art.: 208702
Marca: Maruni

Here's a versatile, high-quality microphone. Used regularly in professional recording studios and perfect for use with tape recorders, for rock group, for demanding PA applications, and for lectern use in churches and schools. Beautifully finished in tectured, brushed aluminum. Comes complete with swivel mount stand adapter, wind screen and a 15-foot two-conductor shielded cable, which may be fitted with a phone plug, mini-plug, or Canon connector. SPECIFICATIONS Directional: Cardioid on Omni-directional Frequency range: 30 - 16,000 Hz Output impedance: 600 ohms ±20% Output level: -70 dB ±2.5 dB at 1K Hz Max. Sound Pressure Level: 125 dB Equivalent noise level: less than 30 dB SPL Signal to noise ratio: more than 44 dB at 1K Hz Dynamic range: up to 98 dB Power supply: battery AA type, UM-3 (1,5V) Current consumption: 200 µA ± 50 µA Battery life: 6.000 hours continuous Cable: 15-foot, 2-conductor shielded Accessories: Stand holder and wind screen Optional: Cardle suspension