Yamaha - Deq5
Yamaha - Deq5

Yamaha - Deq5


Codice Art.: 224253
Marca: Yamaha

The deq5 can operate in either the graphic or parametric mode. in the graphic eq mode each channel provides 30 bands with a boost/cut range of +/- 15 db. in the parametric eq mode 60 bands are available per channel, each with variable frequency, gain, and bandwidth. in both the graphic and parametric modes, the left and right channels feature independently programmable high-pass and low-pass filters as well as a group of four notch filters with variable frequency and bandwidth. 110-db signal-to-noise ratio and precise response 20 hz to 20,000 hz. top quality electronic devices, no-compromise design, and the implementation of top-performance a/d and d/a convertors. up to 40 complete equalizer setups - graphic or parametric eq mode - can be stored in internal ram memory and recalled as needed. each channel provides a variable delay parameter that can used for phase alignment, speaker distance compensation, and other applications. the delay range is from 0 to 656 milliseconds, adjustable in 0.021 millisecond steps for precise control. the deq5 includes an independent notch filter system that can be used to effectively cancel ac line hum... including harmonics. another feature is an automatic mode in which the hum frequency is automatically detected and the filter is set accordingly. the deq5 has been designed to accept both analog and digital input signals. all analog inputs and outputs are electronically balanced via reliable xlr type connectors, while direct digital audio input is accepted in aes/ebu or yamaha y2 format. a reliable rs-485 serial control buss allows communication between the deq5 and up to 23 optional deq5e digital eq expander units. all deq5e parameters are remotely accessed and controlled form a single master deq5, allowing up to 50 channels of equalization. the midi interface allows eq programs to be recalled and parameter changes to be made from a midi sequencer, computer or similar device. the key sets all gain parameters to "0" in one operation. compensates for clock signal cable delays.