Yamaha - [MDF3] Unità di archiviazione MIDI

Yamaha - [MDF3] Unità di archiviazione MIDI


Codice Art.: 224725
Marca: Yamaha

The MDF3 provides quick, simple, and portable data storage of MIDI data from synthesizers, samplers, tone generators, drum machines, sequencers, signal processors, or other MIDI devices with bulk dump capability, on handy 2HD or 2DD floppy disks.

Quick, Simple MIDI Data Recording, and Playback
Straightforward real-time MIDI data recording and playback features let you sketch out musical ideas quickly. SMF formats (0 and 1) lets you play back files of sequences created on a separate sequencer or a computer.

Powered Flexibility
Battery-powered for flexibility in the field, the MDF3 is right at home in any MIDI setup, whether used as an ideal data storage companion for a single MIDI device or an indispensable MIDI data filing workhorse in even the most complex of modern music systems.

Additional Features
Playback of Standard MDI Files; holds up to 99 files, each with an original name; quick start and stop using optional footswitch together with Pause button.