Mxl - Drk-f5h3
Mxl - Drk-f5h3

Mxl - Drk-f5h3

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Codice Art.: 23143
Marca: Mxl

Instrumental microphone set for drum suit- drk-f5h3 is an instrumental microphone set (8 pcs) for drum suite in the sonata series. the members of this set include: one fk-2 for bass instruments; three ft-4 for alto instruments; two ho-8 for alt instruments; one fs-6 for snare drums; and one hi-10 pencil microphone for hi-hats and pedal cymbals. this microphone set is the achievement of individuation design. each member is designed with consideration of the frequency spectrum, sound pressure of each instrument, and the features of close picking-up are also taken in account. these microphones are suitable for the miking of various instruments and can lively pick up the component tones and time response in the sound range of the instruments so as to optimize the whole system.