Digitech - Studio 400 multieffect processor
Digitech - Studio 400 multieffect processor

Digitech - Studio 400 multieffect processor

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Codice Art.: 25775
Marca: Digitech

STUDIO-400 is a multi-effects processor for the third generation with inputs and outputs to the S-DISCTM Dual Mount is a crystal of technology DigiTech, four completely independent. Due to the multiple I / O routing of its own, in the form of input → output → effect can freely select, you can respond to any music applications.<br>The dual S-DISCTM technology, up to 8 effects can be used at the same time, how to place the effect (eg, combination series, parallel, series / parallel) you can select from the configuration of 23 pieces. There is no limit on the use of overlapping sequence of the effect and the same effect in the STUDIO-400.<br>(The default setting) is registered in a practical setting sample, each effect, you can call immediately the effect close to the image name from its setting. Moreover, in order to be registered as a custom user Deforuto the original settings, you can instantly retrieve the settings at any time you like.<br>Choice, such as a rotary speaker simulator which also simulates the Doppler effect (Harmony), the pitch shift, but also the effect of the latest intelligent pitch shifter that fits the song by the scale and Key. All parameters can be controlled by amplitude width MIDI, LFO inside, of the input signal level.<br>Adding effects remain digital signal tracks that Lima, dealing with the digital source in STUDIO-400 by mounting the S-400 DIO of options are digital recordings already available can be you. In addition, the simultaneous processing of two-channel digital 2-channel, analog is possible in STUDIO-400.