Bandridge - Amplificatore a 2 vie per antenna TV/Radio [TS232EC]

Bandridge - Amplificatore a 2 vie per antenna TV/Radio [TS232EC]


Codice Art.: 277798
Marca: Bandridge

Amplificatore di segnale TV/Radio a 2 vie per antenna
1 presa input TV/Radio
2 spine output TV/Radio
Scheda tecnica:
    Technical Specifications
    • Bandwith: UHF/VHF/FM
    • Signal control: up to 20dB
    • Frequency range: 47 - 862 Mhz
    • Shielding: Class A nickel plated housing
    • Mains powered: 230V/50Hz
    • Screening factor: 75dB
    • Input impedance: 75Ohm
    • Coax output: 1x
    Package contents
    • Coax connector cable 1.5m
    • Installation template
    • Antenna signal booster
    • Multi-lingual instruction manual
    Features & benefits
    • Adjustable gain control to improve sound & picture quality
    • Class A nickel plated shielding for maximum RFI protection
    • ensures best sound & picture performance
    • Antenna amplifier can be used standing alone or hung vertically
    • Amplifier splits and boosts your radio and TV signal