Ultrasone - [ICANS] Cuffia leggera

Ultrasone - [ICANS] Cuffia leggera

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Codice Art.: 286971
Marca: Ultrasone

Foldable, semi-open, supra aural headphones. These headphones have been specially designed and developed for iPod, MP3 players and other portable sound devices. Equipped with S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound and MU Metal shielding. Incl. a solid iCans box for easy storage and transportation.

iCans box and iCans folding-mechanism
Due to the folding-mechanism you can fold the iCans headphones easily to store them safely in the solid iCans box. Please read the folding-mechanism and adjustment instructions which will automatically be delivered with your iCans.

New sound standard for portable sound devices The specially developed iCans establishes a new sound standard for portable sound devices. These headphones are designed to be small for use with the iPod and any other MP3 or audio players but they are developed to sound big especially with mobile players!