Digidesign - ProTools Music Creation Studio
Digidesign - ProTools Music Creation Studio

Digidesign - ProTools Music Creation Studio

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Easily put together your own home or project studio, and get great savings in the process. The Pro Tools Music Creation Studio offers a Complete professional music studio for bands, electronic musicians, and soloists. Get everything you need to record, edit, mix, and promote your music.

•    Mbox® 2 Factory audio/MIDI production system (includes Mbox 2 interface, Pro Tools LE® software, premium Factory plug-in bundle with an iLok USB Smart Key, Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2, Xpand!", and 45 professional processing plug-ins)
•    M-Audio® Axiom® 25 MIDI keyboard controller
•    M-Audio Nova microphone
•    M-Audio StudiophileTM AV 40 monitors
•    StructureTM LE advanced sample player plug-in
•    VelvetTM vintage electric pianos plug-in
•    Cables to connect everything together