Sontronics - Sigma

Sontronics - Sigma


Codice Art.: 370288
Marca: Sontronics

Ribbon microphone- quickly becoming one of our most popular microphones, the sontronics sigma 48v ribbon microphone was launched in 2006. ribbon microphones are renowned for their smooth, uncoloured audio characteristics. most have transformer-based output, which makes it difficult to achieve consistency when using different preamps. the sigma, however, is phantom-powered and operates just like any other sontronics microphone, allowing you to plug and play with practically any preamp you choose. sigma's sensitivity is high, and its low self-noise figure is simply unheard of for a ribbon microphone. it can be employed in most applications, including broadcast, speech, male and female vocals, drums and percussion, miking guitar cabinets, acoustic guitar, piano and orchestral instruments. the sigma is supplied with its own unique mounting system in a luxury abs flightcase lined with black velvet.