Fender - Fender tie dye stratocaster
Fender - Fender tie dye stratocaster

Fender - Fender tie dye stratocaster

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Codice Art.: 37069
Marca: Fender

Fender "band of gypsies" tie-dye stratocaster, 2004. brand new. fender made these special edition show master "tie-dye" strats in very limited quantities in this and a "hippy blue" version. the designs are taken from real t-shirts - if you look closely you can see the actual cloth weave in the photo-real print. the guitar features stunning thick, rich finish, which is expected to age really well. with the same flat dimensions as a standard strat, the tie-die is marginally fatter, giving it a more robust and comfortable feel. the 22-fret neck is slim and very, very fast. (don't worry about the lack of position markers, you adjust very quickly, and there are side markers) matching headstock, sealed locking schaller tuners, graphite nut, two-point synchronised tremolo, custom pickup configuration, (humbucker bridge, single-coil neck), all black hardware - it makes for one of fender's most genuinely exciting guitars in years. the combination of the noiseless single-coil neck pickup and the custom humbucker proves very versatile, giving you a range from vintage strat to a good approximation of a les paul. comes with fender 9's factory-fitted. now out of production, the tie-dye strats sold out very quickly on original release - this one is brand new old stock, and even ships in a new fender gig bag!