Yamaha - [MB-6124] Grancassa da parata 24"x13"
Yamaha - [MB-6124] Grancassa da parata 24"x13"

Yamaha - [MB-6124] Grancassa da parata 24"x13"

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Codice Art.: 439232
Marca: Yamaha

For non-competitive marching programs requiring less weight from their equipment and an affordable price, the Power-Lite series is the perfect choice. Modeled after the Field-Corp Series, the Power-Lite Series shares may of the high-end specifications and materials crucial to sound and durability.
  • Shallow depths make carrying these drums easy
  • 9-ply mahogany shell is manufactured with the exclusive Yamaha Air-Seal System which delivers durability for these light drums and helps ensure a warm tone with punch
  • Yamaha Air-Seal System ensures that the shells start and stay round so they tune clearer and project a pure, fundamental tone
  • 45° bearing edge allows each drum to speak clearly, creating precise articulation
  • Air Seal System bass drum hoops provide accurate tuning that is easily maintained by the lightweight, 10-ply birch and mahogany shells
  • Zinc alloy lug casings with reinforced walls and webbing add superior strength for high-tension tuning
  • Steel construction in the solid rib design of the claw hooks ensures preserves the shape while distributing tension over a wider area of the hoop, eliminating excess stress
  • Nylon and steel washers on the tension rods allow smooth tuning at high tension
  • Sound Impact Strips eliminate unwanted overtones, promoting a clear tone and making tuning easier
Scheda tecnica:
ModelMB-6124 (24"x13")
Shell9-Ply Mahogany
Hoops10-Ply Birch and Mahogany
LugsZinc alloy with reinforced walls and webbing. 8 lugs.
ClawsSolid, ribbed design made of steel.
ColorWhite wrapped finish
Nylon and Steel WashersNylon and steel washers are used on the tension rods.