Philips - [7786R] 1000W 230V R7S Alogena lineare
Philips - [7786R] 1000W 230V R7S Alogena lineare

Philips - [7786R] 1000W 230V R7S Alogena lineare

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Codice Art.: 456442
Marca: Philips

Halogen High Voltage DE – great colour for film and video.
The high, constant light output and consistent color temperature of these double ended high voltage halogen lamps ensure attractive, accurately exposed pictures for both film and video. In addition, the wide choice of dimensions and power ratings opens new levels of creative freedom for the luminaire designer.
Scheda tecnica:
General Characteristics
ANSI Code-
LIF CodeP2/20
Bulb FinishClear
Filament ShapeSingle Coil
Burning Positionp15
Main ApplicationEntertainment
Life to 50% failures300 hr
Light Technical Characteristics
Colour Temperature3200 K
Lamp Luminous Flux 30000 Lm
Electrical Characteristics
Rated Lamp Wattage1000 W
Voltage230 V
Rapid Acting HBC Fuse6.3 V
Luminaire Design Requirements
Pinch Temperature400 (max) C
Product Dimensions
Base Face to Base Face A114.2 mm
Overall Length C117.5 (max) mm
Diameter D11 (max) mm
Filament Length W60 mm