Swr - Baby baby blue

Swr - Baby baby blue


Codice Art.: 47316
Marca: Swr

Model name baby baby blue™ model number 44-20500-000 series professional combo series type bass combo amplifier description no, you're not seeing double. the engineers at swr® popped the amplifier section of the original, legendary swr baby blue‘ combo amp (which many insiders insist contains the best-sounding preamp we've ever made) atop a custom swr 1x10/piezo tweeter speaker complement, and came up with our newest, most portable pro combo to date. it's the easiest way to take the top-of-the-line swr sound with you wherever you go. features front panel features high and low sensitivity 1/4" inputs gain control with led peak clipping indicator aural enhancer™ control 3 band semi-parametric eq eq bypass switch, power amp clip led effects bypass switch effects blend control rear panel features sidechain effects loop balanced xlr output with select switch for line or direct mode, ground lift & pad control headphone jack tuner send (1) 1/4" extension speaker output speaker fuse: 3ag line fuse: 3ag internal features (1) 12ax7a preamp tube power output 120 watts @ 8 ohms rms (internal cabinet ) 160 watts @ 4 ohms (with 8 ohm extension cabinet us and canada only) impedance (ohms) 8 ohms speakers (1) 10" custom-designed pas® driver, p/n 0067077000, (1) le son® tlx-1 piezo tweeter, p/n 0067255000, passive crossover components capacitors: polyester coils: 1.7 milli-henry iron choke, low dcr, custom made channels 1 channel controls gain control with led peak clipping indicator aural enhancer control 3 band semi-parametric eq eq bypass switch, power amp clip led effects bypass switch effects blend control covering black carpeting with blue steel control panel and chrome stamped steel vibration-free grille weight 39 lbs. dimensions height: 19" width: 13.875" depth: 13.875" power handling (speaker section) 175 watts rms tube complement (1) 12ax7a preamp tube accessories n/a cover uses cover p/n 0066192000, us msrp $34.95 (not included) footswitch n/a frequency response (power amplifier): -3db at 10 hz and 22khz, (speaker complement): -3db @ 68 hz and18 khz spl 98 db @ 1w1m suggested speaker enclosures son of bertha™ big ben™ bass monitor 12™ goliath iii™ workingman's® 1x10t suggested speaker combinations n/a input impedance passive/active input: 800k ohms active input: 60k ohms effects return: 27k ohms output impedance effects send: 100 ohms line out jack = 100 ohms tuner send: 100 ohms headphone jack = 100 ohms xlr balanced out: 750 ohms sensitivity sensitivity (for full output @ 8 ohms, 1 khz) passive/active input jack = 10 millivolts active input jack = 50 millivolts signal to noise ratio -72db (7 millivolts typical, mostly hum), equivalent input noise 2.5 microvolts system distortion : 1khz, 0.5% thd power amp distortion (1khz) 0.02% thd, 100 watts rms @ 8 ohms 0.03% thd, 100 watts rms @ 4 ohms intermodulation distortion @ 8 ohms, 100 watts rms, 60/7khz, 4:1, =0.05% introduced 2002