DV Mark - Little 40 L6
DV Mark - Little 40 L6

DV Mark - Little 40 L6


Codice Art.: 474551
Marca: DV Mark

The same of the L34 but with different valve: L6. The Little 40 L34 is a one-channel, 40W all-tube head. Although simpler than our larger, multi-channel Bad Boy 120, it’s no less versatile. Its secret weapon is the DV Mark patent pending Continuous Power Control (CPC) feature, which allows you to actually change the amp’s power incrementally, from the full 40W (class A/B) gradually all the way down to 1W (class A) in pentode mode, or 15W (class A/B) to 0.5W (class A) in triode mode. This means you can get the tone you want at the volume you need… making the amp perfect for both bedrooms and concert stages! Depending on your gain level and CPC setting, you can use the Solo boost switch as a drive channel. The Little 40 L34's other patent pending feature is the Advanced Tube Control System, which measures all the tubes' parameters to help you take care of your amp.