Digitech - Genesis 3

Digitech - Genesis 3

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Codice Art.: 48611
Marca: Digitech

The Digitech GENESIS 3™ is a guitar effect unit designed to be used primarily in a recording studio environment. This is kind of a niche market, but that doesn't mean a product like this doesn't have merit. Sometimes it's hard to get a good electric guitar sound laid down when recording; and capturing the personal tone that many guitarists spend years trying to perfect, is an art in itself. The right stomp box or pedal can make recording easier. Many of the new higher end multi-effect pedals are coming with digital outs that are included primarily for recording. This unit was purchased at a local Guitar Center on clearance for $149.99. A bargain price for a guitar processor with so many features. The GENESIS 3™ is basically one of Digitech's higher end guitar processor pedals, turned into a desktop unit. It fits nicely on a recording desk or a music stand. Digitech has thought this one out pretty thoroughly, a fact that quickly became evident within a few minutes of using the GENESIS 3™.
Scheda tecnica:
24 Bit A/D Converters Dual Audio DNATM DSP Engines 1/4" and 1/8" Jam Along inputs Plus a 1/8" Stereo Headphone Jack 48 Factory Presets, 48 User Presets Midi In/Out/Thru Amp and Cabinet Modeling/Hypermodels/Warping Chromatic Tuner S/PDIF Digital Out GenEdit Editing Software Included 9V Power Supply Included Foot Controller Jack for Optional Digitech Control X Foot Controller 44.1khz Sampling Frequency Individual Tone, Gain, and Amp Level Controls