Red Witch - Pentavocal tremolo

Red Witch - Pentavocal tremolo


Codice Art.: 52605
Marca: Red Witch

A new approach to tremolo...........yes indeed, the red witch pentavocal tremolo offers several features that are completely unique and unavailable elsewhere. since the fifties the concept of tremolo has changed very little. controls for speed, depth, volume and waveshape have been the parameters available for adjustment. till now. the pentavocal tremolo is simply that - a tremolo with five different voices to choose from. you can select the frequency response by turning the rotary selector to the desired setting. from a delicate, shimmery, flutter trem to a pulsy low end throb they're all there. the pentavocal trem can certainly also do the classic sound of a vintage valve trem and then soooo much more.