Quik Lok - [DX749] Sgabello con schienale e appoggiapiedi

Quik Lok - [DX749] Sgabello con schienale e appoggiapiedi


Codice Art.: 533174
Marca: Quik Lok

Perfect for all musicians, including keyboard, guitar, woodwind and brass players.
Designed to help musicians perform in the ideal ergonomical position and reduce spinal stress and leg strain when playing long periods.
Thick, comfortable, firm seat cushion can be adjusted in a snap to 9 height positions from 22.8'' to 31.5'' (58 to 80 cm).
Backrest can be adjusted to multiple height and depth positions for maximum comfort.
Convenient, non-slip, height adjustable footrest.
Sturdy steel construction.
Non-reflective, powder-coated black enamel finish.
Scheda tecnica:
Front to back depth:31.5 cm (12.4?)
Side to side width:41.5 cm (16.3?)
Thickness:"6 cm (2.4"")"
Height positions:56.5 to 85.5 cm (22.2? to 33.6?)
Frame width:35.5 cm (14?)
Frame depth:47 cm (18.5?)
Fold-up size:41 cm W x 92 H x 18 D (16.1? W x 36.2? H x 7? D)
Weight capacity:112 kg (250 lb)
Weight:8 kg (17.8 lb)
Master carton:2