Mapex - Falcon - [HF1000] Supporto x Hi-Hat
Mapex - Falcon - [HF1000] Supporto x Hi-Hat

Mapex - Falcon - [HF1000] Supporto x Hi-Hat

Sconto 17,00 €


Codice Art.: 561688
Marca: Mapex
Serie: Falcon

New Falcon Series!!

The new Falcon Hi-hat stand features: a lockable quick-release wing nut on the clutch; extreme height adjustment; a foldable footboard that clips onto the stand for easy transportation; footboard height adjustment; tension adjuster; removable swivel legs, and high-friction rubber feet with retractable spikes.

Scheda tecnica:
  • The Lockable Quick-Release Wingnut on the clutch makes it simple to install or remove the top hi-hat cymbal.
  • The Extreme Height Adjustment allows cymbals to be positioned from very low for open-hand playing styles to extremely high.
  • A Foldable Footboard clips to the stand for easy transportation and secures into the playing position for increased stability.
  • The Footboard Height Adjustment allows for optimal footboard angle and feel across a variety of playing styles.
  • The Tension Adjuster has directional indicators showing Light (L) versusHeavy (H) settings across a wide range of possible tension.
  • Removable Swivel Legs fit into any set-up position and can detach easilywhen using double bass drums or attaching to a rack.
  • High-Friction Rubber Feet with Retractable Spikes increase tractionand prevent the stand from sliding on all surfaces.