Schertler - [S-MIC-M] Microfono a condensatore
Schertler - [S-MIC-M] Microfono a condensatore

Schertler - [S-MIC-M] Microfono a condensatore

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Codice Art.: 562413
Marca: Schertler

Specially developed for use with the Magnetico AG6 pickup, the S-MIC-M condenser microphone is a perfect complement.

The high quality condenser microphone is designed to help you achieve the best acoustic sound you will ever hear by enabling you to add more warmth, richness and harmonics to your AG6 sound.
Scheda tecnica:
  • transducer type: condenser back-electret
  • directivity:  omni-directional
  • frequency range:  60 Hz to 20 kHz
  • SPL max:  128 dBA
  • impedance:  2.2 kOhm typ
  • current consumption:  0.3mA
  • operating voltage:  max 10V