Meinl - [CAJ-BLK-6] Cajon Blanket

Meinl - [CAJ-BLK-6] Cajon Blanket


Codice Art.: 574764
Marca: Meinl

The MEINL Cajon Blanket is an excellent addition to your cajon that will help you make good use of space. The blanket is attached with a string to the bottom of the cajon and features on top a padded sitting area for comfort. On one side the blanket has a pocket for extra percussion instruments storage while the other side is prepared with hoop and loop fastener to allow the attachment of different cajon add-ons.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Fits on any cajon
  • Hook and loop fastener to mount additional add-ons
  • Extra pocket for small percussion
  • Material  Heavy Duty Nylon