Seymour Duncan - [11500-01] SA-1 ACOUSTIC TUBE - Pick Up x chitarra acustica

Seymour Duncan - [11500-01] SA-1 ACOUSTIC TUBE - Pick Up x chitarra acustica


Codice Art.: 586644
Marca: Seymour Duncan

You can't go wrong with a classic. The Acoustic Tube SA-1 offers excellent acoustic response that brings out all the nuances of your performances, and also gives you more control with a built-in, easy-access volume knob.

Mounting the SA-1 couldn't be easier. Its flexible mounts simply pop into the soundhole of your guitar (from parlor and auditorium to jumbo and dreadnought with soundholes between 3.85" and 4.10"), and just as easily unmounts when your gig is finished. The SA-1 fits acoustic guitars with sound holes between 3.85" and 4.10" in diameter.

The SA-1 is very feedback resistant, and includes a short cable with a female 1/4" output jack that you can connect with a standard guitar cable to your favorite amp, PA, direct box, or console.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Quick-mount, passive, magnetic soundhole pickup
  • Lower impedance, hum-canceling Stack® pickup housed in a tube
  • Built-in volume control
  • Flat, warm and natural tone
  • Extremely feedback resistant
  • Includes short cable with ¼" female jack
  • Works with any guitar amplifier (acoustic guitar amp preferred), or plugged directly into P.A. systems or mixing consoles