Edirol - Ccd1
Edirol - Ccd1

Edirol - Ccd1


Codice Art.: 58909
Marca: Edirol

Take your performance into the crowd. how many times have you been at a show where you couldn't see what the performer was doing? don't let that happen to you! the edirol ccd1 is the ideal solution for including live video in your stage performance. the edirol ccd1 is the perfect companion to the edirol v4, edirol v1, & edirol lvs400 video mixers, allowing you to bring in live shots of the crowd, the turntables, instrumentalists, dancers...anything that might be going on at the show. the edirol ccd1 offers very simple operation & extremely high picture quality, even in low light situations. this stationary camera can mount to any tripod or mic stand & even comes with its own wall mount adapter.