Sonor - [SSE 13] Sonor Hybrid X Transparent Black Burst
Sonor - [SSE 13] Sonor Hybrid X Transparent Black Burst

Sonor - [SSE 13] Sonor Hybrid X Transparent Black Burst

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Marca: Sonor

The Sonor Limited Edition HYBRID X-tend is the first Sonor drum set in the popular Force range of drums that offers the benefits of different wood types for the different drum shells. Through collecting data and feedback from the market, Sonor took three of the most popular chosen woods: Maple, Birch and Beech, and incorporated them into one 6-pc limited edition shell pack configuration using dimensions determined to be the most trend-setting and buzz-worthy in the scene today.
Birch shells produce a bold, distinctive tone with enhanced projection while providing low and high frequency clarity and a smooth balanced mid-range.
Maple shells offer a warm and well-rounded full tone with low frequency punch and a mixed balance of mids and highs.
Beech wood shells produce a full, warm tone with evenly balanced lows, mids and highs while offering great projection, tone and dynamic control.
Scheda tecnica:

We start at the heart of the HYBRID X-tend, a 7-ply Maple shell kick drum measuring 22” in diameter, with a depth of 18”, and fitted with 20 lugs, and the double tom holder & mount. Utilizing Canadian Maple in these cross-laminated, tension-free shells with a 45 degree bearing edge results in an uncompromisingly rich and warm tone with a healthy dose of low-end punch! The mids and highs are well balanced, making the 22” x 18” kick drum capable of delivering a powerful performance in the studio or live on stage.


For the toms and floor toms, Sonor found the perfect combination of preferable, on-trend short-sizing and desired sound characteristics when using the 6-ply birch shell. The four drums contained in the HYBRID X-tend shell package incorporate Sonor’s 6-ply, cross-laminate, tension-free birch shells cut with a 45 degree bearing edge to produce a hefty, yet dynamic sound. The accentuated highs, balanced mid-range and clear-defined lows result in great projection that cuts through to be heard in the mix! The two rack toms feature Sonor’s T.A.R. (Total Acoustic Resonance) mounting system. The short-depth dimensions give all of the toms a controlled tone for ease of tuning and the added options for ergonomic placement in the set-up. PLUS – we enhanced the tom sound even further by adding Remo’s pinstripe heads on top!
Featured sizes are:
Tom 1: 10” diameter x 6.5” depth mounted on Sonor’s vibration-free T.A.R. System.
Tom 2: 12” diameter x 7” depth mounted on Sonor’s vibration-free T.A.R. System.
Floor Tom 1: 14” diameter x 12” depth with legs.
Floor Tom 2: 16” diameter x 14” depth with legs.

Completing the HYBRID X-tend shell set, Sonor have included a 14” thick 8.75mm Beech wood shell snare drum with an outer Maple layer measuring 6” in depth for un-matched tone, power and clarity. Featuring 2.3mm power hoops, 10 double-lugs and a smooth-running snare action strainer, we then added a layer of Maple to the outside of the shell to maintain consistency in the immaculate transparent finish.