Beyerdynamic - [TGDRUMSETM] Set microfoni batteria
Beyerdynamic - [TGDRUMSETM] Set microfoni batteria

Beyerdynamic - [TGDRUMSETM] Set microfoni batteria


Codice Art.: 613414
Marca: Beyerdynamic

Da trovi il set completo di microfoni batteria beyer dynamic. The TG Drum Sets offer high-performance drum microphones from the Touring Gear series. Four sets are available -TG Drum Set PRO S and M, such as TG Drum Set PRO L und XL. The sets S and M include a durable soft bag which can be equipped with four TG D35d (toms and snare), two TG I53c (overheads), and one TG D50d (bass drum). Microphone clamps are included.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Plug and Play" microphones, perfect for beginners
  • Easy mounting of tomclips on nearly every drum rim
  • Naturally sounding condenser microphones
  • simple and easy micing of the whole drum kit
  • Microphone clamp
  • 1 x TG D50d (bass drum, dynamic, cardioid)
  • 4 x TG D35d (snare drum, dynamic. supercardioid)
  • 2 x TG I53c (overheads, condenser, cardioid)
  • 1 x M Bag Drum (durable soft carrying case)