Savarez - [500CJ] New Cristal Corum high
Savarez - [500CJ]  New Cristal Corum high

Savarez - [500CJ] New Cristal Corum high

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Codice Art.: 64816
Marca: Savarez

They are made from a nylon improved: optimized crystallinity and perfect bonding between molecules.
Thanks to technology, Savarez can produce a clear nylon high quality, transparent as crystal and perfectly just.

This is not rectified nylon mechanically to preserve a smooth surface.

The accuracy and consistency of size are obtained by a surface treatment and a control computer controlled using the laser and photocells.

This new nylon is so successful and such an improvement that is now used for all games containing Savarez nylon treble.500CRJ MUTA SAVAREZ
Scheda tecnica:
Trebles: High
Basses: High